Grab the boom box and get some music on.

Standing begin by breathing fully and imagining that you can fill your whole body with the energy of that breath. Breathe down to your feet, and feel the connection of your feet with the floor or ground under you. With knees slightly bent, shift weight back and forth, side to side, feeling how your body adapts to find balance, feeling the energy and strength in your legs. Allow your hips to shift and sway and circle around, allow your ribs to shift and circle, feel your breath awakening your torso, spreading to your shoulders and arms, and to your neck and head. Allow your entire body to move and stretch and breathe. . .

With knees still loose and your body loose and relaxed, let your knees begin to bend and not quite straighten, rhythmically alternating them (or moving them in unison if that works better for you) to create a pumping feeling. Breathe easily and deeply, allowing your breath to move through your whole body as the vibration of your shaking moves up through legs and pelvis and travels up your spine. Allow the shaking and vibrating to move into and around your upper body, arms, wherever the energy seems to travel in you, allowing the shaking to lead you as the focus shifts. Pace yourself, and play with this, enjoying the energy moving in and through you.

When the time for shaking is over, take a moment to just breathe and feel all that you are feeling, and then follow the movements that feel right to your body as you respond to the music that comes next (choose music that inspires you to move).