Watery Weirdness


As our bodies are recalibrating, as our emotions are process, as our thoughts are clearing its really important to calm our systems and support our bodies through the process.

Some things to reach for through this:

-Adaptogens (maca root, ashwaganda, oat straw) They are going to support the adrenal system.

-Black obsidian, tourmaline, jet, smoky quartz. These crystals will help to ground and remove any stuck shadowy energies.

-Frankincense, copiaba, german chamomile to anoint the body and spirit in a calming and sacred presence.

The guide is to fill our bellies with more dark leafy greens and root vegetables. Bring in more air, light, and mix it with a bit of deep grounding.

Keep heading to water. A pinch of ginger in the bath or a foot soak can stimulate internal warming and force any clinging energies or illnesses out.