Using your Sword

We are being asked to look at what serves us and what does not. Often if we say yes to something that means we also say no to another thing.

Our work for the Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse:

1) Piece of paper

2) Write two columns one titled Yes and the other No

3) Yes column is a Yes to everything you stand for, what you desire to embody, protect, create and be.

4) No column is what you are against, the things not in alignment or integrity with the highest self, the places you see division (internal and external) and that you would like to banish.

5) Tear the paper down the center.

6) The NO list is going to get cut using your sword (scissors or knifes). This is symbolically the re-wiring of our brains; cutting through the injustices we witness, are a part of and/or are opposed to. Cut this list into confetti size pieces. Take the pile to the wind- allowing the wind, breeze or a fan to banish and disperse all that you cut through.

7) Put your Yes list on your altar with your knife (dagger, scissors) and a light a candle in agreement with the flame of your center being in alignment with your Yes goals.

8) State out loud (before the Full moon is exact) your intentions of your Yes’s and the why behind them.

Example: I am going to go vegan because I stand for the justice of animals and the planet. I am going to march to invoke justice for those who can not stand.

9) Only allow the candle to go out once you have spoken the Yes’s into affirmations.