Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Bath

The stagnancy. The limitations. The outdated and limiting. The unjust. The broken patterns. The pain, hurt, and abandonment can be released in this energy. What we release, we have the space to create anew.

There are some things to gather to help move them along (improvise as it makes sense).


-rosemary (to begin anew, awaken and purify)

-lemon (to refresh, cleanse, and stimulate)

-spirulina or chlorella (to detoxify and replenish)

-handful of flower petals (to adorn and acknowledge)

-crystals (to retain your highest intentions)

-honey (to heal, soothe, and nurture)

-salt (to rebalance and detoxify)

Release all that is ready to go, banished, and destroyed into the water. Invite in the energies, beliefs and space that is in alignment with the highest self. Cut all cords with the old. And so it is.

Once done with bath, shower, tea, foot bath take a butter knife, mail opener, or selenite wand around what has been soaked coating the spirit in light.