Water Molecules

Note from Aubrey:

How often do we gulp water without the recognition of the nourishment that it gives us? Dr. Emoto proved that the intention we hold while looking at water changes the molecular structure. 

Today with every glass of water you drink; first start with holding the water. If at all possible let the glass sit in the direct line of sun light for a couple of minutes, if not hold the water in between both hands. As you are holding it, breathe in deeply into the heart feel the chakra opening, breathe in even deeper into the pit of the stomach envisioning/feeling/requesting anything that is clinging/restrictive/toxic now become loose and release with the out breathe. 

After you have intentionally breathed; call forward a word that feels true to your heart. What is it that I need to most hear and feel in this moment? Love, presence, peace, release, solitutde, support, care, empathy, relief, tenderness... what ever is the first word that comes through from your heart; focus on that word as you hold the water. 

Repeat the word seven times while focusing on the water. 

Drink with the intention of receiving this energy. 

Can you apply this practice one time today? Several times? All day?