Vegetable Excitement

Note from Aubrey:

Try these practices to get more veggies in:

  • add 1 tablespoon olive oil or toasted sesame oil to every 2 cups of greens

  • add 2 bay leaves or 1 teaspoon cumin seeds to the water

  • sprinkle greens with toasted pumpkin, sesame, flax, or sunflower seeds, almonds, or walnuts

  • sprinkle greens with fresh herbs: mint, dill, basil, parsley, cilantro, scallions

  • use tamari soy sauce or umeboshi vinegar to add extra flavor

  • squeeze fresh lemon juice over them

  • add nutritional yeast for cheesy flavor thats vegan and packed with B vitamins

  • after steaming them, quickly stir-fry in olive oil, with a pinch of sea salt and garlic

Remember we are aiming for 5-13 servings daily to function at our highest abilities. This is will help us fight off inflammation, have better digestion, and increase energy levels.