Cultivating the Natural World

Note from Aubrey:

The science behind greening up your space or going out into the natural world is well documented. Plants help us feel better. They are sentient beings who pick up and contribute to our emotional and physical well being. 

Did you know that you can change how a plant grows depending on how you speak to it? The same way that we can change our own cellular structures by the thoughts we think, we can change the growth of and wellness of a plant. 

Start small. If you do not have a  green thumb. Grab a succulent. Place it as near light as you can get and barely water it every 3-4 weeks;just enough to dampen the soil. 

Speak your gratitude for the plant giving you oxygen, aiding in you releasing serotonin, all the ways it contributes to your uplifted mood and connection to the natural world. 

Watch yourself grow as you grow your connection to the natural world.