New Moon Shower

We are finding ourselves being pushed into leaping. New Moon in Sagittarius. As we have been lightening the load of all the patterns, beliefs, people and thoughts that no longer serve us. Our bodies have also been requiring the lightening.

You may have been called to more citrus. More water. Less alcohol. More walking. Less processed foods.

In honor of releasing all that is over and done, we are going to support lymphatic draining, new skin cells and circulating new chi through our bodies.

As we enter into this new moon; take an intentional shower.

If you have a dry brush; please use this starting at your feet and moving up towards your heart. If you don’t have one grab a wash cloth. Move from your hands towards your heart. Not missing any section of skin, making sure to care for all of our skin cells and the ones that are ready to leave.

Once done in the shower. Make sure to heavily moisturize, oil would be preferable. Feet towards heart. Arms toward heart. Gratitude for all the ways you show up for you.