Breaking Free

We are breaking free of old patterns. Things that have been locked in our systems for years, lifetimes, eons.

Time to do the big work of breaking free.

Grab a crystal (any that you may have except for selenite). Frankincense and/or sage would be great to have on hand or a white candle.

  1. Place the crystal into freezable container. Cover it with all of your trapped water emotions of the ways you have suffered, been let down, participated in your smallness, your spirit exhaustion. When you have poured the water (and tears) into the container- freeze the crystal.

  2. Full moon would be a great time to bring out the frozen crystal. Light your candle. Create your ritual space. Hold the frozen crystal over or near the candle flame. Allow your light to come and warm all of the places that were frozen in place. That were withheld in the coldness of being cut off.