Clearing Away

Note from Aubrey:

As the Sun moves towards Sagittarius we are sitting with some serious feelings, emotions and sensitivities. We are being asked to gain a new perspective which means we need to clear away the old one.

1) Grab a new bar of soap. Unopened. White would be preferable but not necessary.

2) Draw yourself a bath or a shower and speak aloud all of the should’s, grievances, regrets, disappointments, and angers that come forward ready to be healed.

3) Once the ready to be released have been spoken out into the world. Release them, allow them to go down the drain. (If in the bath; allow the water to begin to drain). Clear them away with the new soap (start the shower if in the bath). Envisioning the soap filling in the places where they once held onto.

The white brings the light to where we once allowed shadow to infiltrate us. We are liberating which means we are clearing the space for the liberation to occur.

If you have frankincense near by; now is the time to anoint yourself after clearing away.