Detox Practices

Note from Aubrey:

We are constantly bombarded by toxins; in the air we breathe, the carpet we walk across, the clothes we put on, the water we drink, the food we eat, the dark thoughts we think and even the company we keep.

They all expose our cells to toxins. When we get bombarded with toxins, our bodies become inflamed and we bear the weight of the toxicity. It can be lacking energy, not feeling well in our bodies, repeating what we know to be bad patterns and thoughts. Our bodies, brains, and spirits can scream for an alternative.

Below are suggestions to help detoxify the body from the build up toxins.

  • activated charcoal (binds to toxins) can be taken as a capsule or blended into yogurt

  • spirulina or chlorella (removes toxins by flushing them with nutrients) sea algae has its on flavor to hide it within a smoothie for best taste

  • epsom salt bath at least a cup (replenishes magnesium stores and pulls out toxins)

  • bentonite clay (taken internally or in the bath) removes toxins by attracting to them

  • lemons in your water

  • selenite crystal will help to purify the space and your energy field (hold it or run across your body’s meridians)

  • visualize all the toxins as having strings attached to them (especially the ones in our mental and energetic fields) pull the strings out and place them in a virtual fire