Possibility is Alive

Unlimited possibilities are being kept open. The ten of cups has arrived.

Cultivating possibility requires us to uphold our cups. Focusing on what we have to be grateful for is part of the practice in confirming to the universe we are ready to receive more possibilities.

  • For the next 7 days write down 3-5 things you are grateful for daily.

  • Gratitude lists act as abundance spells

  • Hold a quartz crystal as you write your abundance into new possibilities.


Coming back into balance with ourselves means allowing the negative self talk to arise to be released. Today is a a day where the three of swords is asking us to look at where we are just content with being.

Often in the places of contentment, we may have been giving into settling.

To seek balance; let us shake free. Shake the places of settling, negative stories, and not being in allowance of ourselves out.

Turn it up and shake it out



We have been clearing and clearing. Healing and embracing self care like no other.

How about taking a moment for some recognition of where we have experienced triumph. Standing up for ourselves, unearthing layer of previous pains, recognizing patterns we are choosing to be the evidence in our own worlds. It may happen in fleeting moments or for hours at a time. No matter, you are doing it!

Call in that energy of being the Empress and ruling from the place of your highest truth.


  • Orange, Red, or Gold (grounding into those root chakras and power places)

  • Frankincense (to adorn our highest beings)

  • Turquoise (to honor your sacredness and affirmations of success)

The Fool

The fool energy is really asking us to lean into the journey and the unknowing. We are asked to cultivate an attitude of innocent excitement without holding onto projections or our old stories.

Our journey requires us to be brave. To lean into vulnerability. To adapt and be willing to transform beyond ways we even knew was possible.


Some tools to aid in our meditations and intentions in this energy:

  • Colors: bright green, violet, bright blue and white

  • Herbs: anise for passion, lavender for beauty, rosemary for innocence

  • Crystals: blood stone for victory, fluorite for clarity, kyanite to clear away the old stories

  • Animals: dragonflies, butterflies, and birds


Sometimes when we are dismantling our stories, perceptions, and limitations. With Moon in Gemini reaching for some Kyanite might be really helpful. This stone is used for challenging preconceived thoughts and projections which have lower frequencies. Kyanite is great for speaking your throat, clearing your chakras, and standing rooted in your highest self’s truth.

Be Wild

“Be wild; that is how to clear the river. The river does not flow in polluted, we manage that. The river does not dry up, we block it. If we want to allow it its freedom, we have to allow our ideational lives to be let loose, to stream, letting anything come, initially censoring nothing. That is creative life. It is made up of divine paradox. To create one must be willing to be stone stupid, to sit upon a throne on top of a jackass and spill rubies from one’s mouth. Then the river will flow, then we can stand in the stream of it raining down.” 
― Clarissa Pinkola Estés



Grab the boom box and get some music on.

Standing begin by breathing fully and imagining that you can fill your whole body with the energy of that breath. Breathe down to your feet, and feel the connection of your feet with the floor or ground under you. With knees slightly bent, shift weight back and forth, side to side, feeling how your body adapts to find balance, feeling the energy and strength in your legs. Allow your hips to shift and sway and circle around, allow your ribs to shift and circle, feel your breath awakening your torso, spreading to your shoulders and arms, and to your neck and head. Allow your entire body to move and stretch and breathe. . .

With knees still loose and your body loose and relaxed, let your knees begin to bend and not quite straighten, rhythmically alternating them (or moving them in unison if that works better for you) to create a pumping feeling. Breathe easily and deeply, allowing your breath to move through your whole body as the vibration of your shaking moves up through legs and pelvis and travels up your spine. Allow the shaking and vibrating to move into and around your upper body, arms, wherever the energy seems to travel in you, allowing the shaking to lead you as the focus shifts. Pace yourself, and play with this, enjoying the energy moving in and through you.

When the time for shaking is over, take a moment to just breathe and feel all that you are feeling, and then follow the movements that feel right to your body as you respond to the music that comes next (choose music that inspires you to move).


Watery Weirdness


As our bodies are recalibrating, as our emotions are process, as our thoughts are clearing its really important to calm our systems and support our bodies through the process.

Some things to reach for through this:

-Adaptogens (maca root, ashwaganda, oat straw) They are going to support the adrenal system.

-Black obsidian, tourmaline, jet, smoky quartz. These crystals will help to ground and remove any stuck shadowy energies.

-Frankincense, copiaba, german chamomile to anoint the body and spirit in a calming and sacred presence.

The guide is to fill our bellies with more dark leafy greens and root vegetables. Bring in more air, light, and mix it with a bit of deep grounding.

Keep heading to water. A pinch of ginger in the bath or a foot soak can stimulate internal warming and force any clinging energies or illnesses out.

Elderberry + Clays


As we discussed in the live call there are a couple of things we can do right now to prepare us in walking towards that Feb 18th date of Chiron shifting into Aries.

Elderberry is known as a superfood because it is packed with antioxidants and phytochemicals. Elderberry syrup is great to have on hand for colds, flu and overall immune system support.

Here is my recipe for elderberry syrup.

Elderberry Syrup:

1 cup dried organic elderberries
2 cinnamon sticks
2 tbsp black pepper (* has been researched to help increase bioavability/ absorption of nutrients)
5 cloves
4 tbsp dried organic echinacea
1/2 cup local honey
2 tsp dried mushroom complex (reishi and maitake)

Cover with 4 cups water and let boil down.
We use our left over elderberries in smoothies and pancakes. I strongly suggest organic for these ingredients however I also side with just getting it in is better than nothing.

Also I tend to add therapeutic grade essential oils into the final version to up the anty of supporting my immune system: cinnamon, thieves, and black pepper tend to always make the list.

All of the ingredients help increase immune function and have been researched for warding off flu and colds. If you are a research nut like me there are about 2,000 per reviewed studies on how elderberries aids the body.

There is plenty of homemade elderberry syrup to purchase on etsy (or you can ask me). For a quick fix here are a couple other members recommend



Clay is great for removing the final debris of shadows hanging behind. There are several kinds of clay to take or soak in. Bentonite, red, or grey clays are prettry commonly found in health food stores. They bind to toxins and actively detox the body. You can put a tablespoon in water and take daily for a week (can cause slowed bowels) or you can add several tablespoons to 1/4 cup into your bath or into a foot soak to remove the toxins and change electron charges.

Here are a couple of recommendations



Petrified Wood

“ Petrified wood allows your fears to disappear! Petrified Wood is a very healing, grounding stone that calms your worries and fills you with feelings of security. It was once an ancient, living, breathing tree that has fossilized over thousands of years. If you live in the city, keep Petrified Wood nearby to have the vibration of nature close by.”

Being part wood and stone there is an offering here (whether being held or meditated upon in the minds eye) in supporting the physical body, making changes towards what you are trying to actualize, and integrating into your highest self.

Looking towards opportunities and requesting Spirit/Universe/Creator to begin delivering them is in accordance with this energy.



Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse Bath

The stagnancy. The limitations. The outdated and limiting. The unjust. The broken patterns. The pain, hurt, and abandonment can be released in this energy. What we release, we have the space to create anew.

There are some things to gather to help move them along (improvise as it makes sense).


-rosemary (to begin anew, awaken and purify)

-lemon (to refresh, cleanse, and stimulate)

-spirulina or chlorella (to detoxify and replenish)

-handful of flower petals (to adorn and acknowledge)

-crystals (to retain your highest intentions)

-honey (to heal, soothe, and nurture)

-salt (to rebalance and detoxify)

Release all that is ready to go, banished, and destroyed into the water. Invite in the energies, beliefs and space that is in alignment with the highest self. Cut all cords with the old. And so it is.

Once done with bath, shower, tea, foot bath take a butter knife, mail opener, or selenite wand around what has been soaked coating the spirit in light.


Using your Sword

We are being asked to look at what serves us and what does not. Often if we say yes to something that means we also say no to another thing.

Our work for the Full Moon | Lunar Eclipse:

1) Piece of paper

2) Write two columns one titled Yes and the other No

3) Yes column is a Yes to everything you stand for, what you desire to embody, protect, create and be.

4) No column is what you are against, the things not in alignment or integrity with the highest self, the places you see division (internal and external) and that you would like to banish.

5) Tear the paper down the center.

6) The NO list is going to get cut using your sword (scissors or knifes). This is symbolically the re-wiring of our brains; cutting through the injustices we witness, are a part of and/or are opposed to. Cut this list into confetti size pieces. Take the pile to the wind- allowing the wind, breeze or a fan to banish and disperse all that you cut through.

7) Put your Yes list on your altar with your knife (dagger, scissors) and a light a candle in agreement with the flame of your center being in alignment with your Yes goals.

8) State out loud (before the Full moon is exact) your intentions of your Yes’s and the why behind them.

Example: I am going to go vegan because I stand for the justice of animals and the planet. I am going to march to invoke justice for those who can not stand.

9) Only allow the candle to go out once you have spoken the Yes’s into affirmations.


Take to water + quartz

“To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work.” 
― Mary Oliver

As we move towards this lunar eclipse and full moon; water of justice and also of mercy become more and more important.

In the coming days: flood yourself. Drink as much as you can. Sit next to water as often as possible. Stand and soak in its depths. Meditate on bodies of water.

Grab the quartz to infuse them with the intention of clearing your vessel. The quartz will hold the energetic imprint of the intention for presence, purpose, integrity, and clarity. Hold them with you in the bath. Sleep with them under your pillow. Put them in your pockets. Drink them in your glass of water.

Prepare yourself for the coming days by holding justice, mercy, clarity and purpose.



How to be a Poet 
(to remind myself)


Make a place to sit down. 
Sit down. Be quiet. 
You must depend upon 
affection, reading, knowledge, 
skill—more of each 
than you have—inspiration 
work, growing older, patience, 
for patience joins time 
to eternity… 


Breathe with unconditional breath 
the unconditioned air. 
Shun electric wire. 
Communicate slowly. Live 
a three-dimensional life; 
stay away from screens. 
Stay away from anything 
that obscures the place it is in. 
There are no unsacred places; 
there are only sacred places 
and desecrated places. 


Accept what comes from silence. 
Make the best you can of it. 
Of the little words that come 
out of the silence, like prayers 
prayed back to the one who prays, 
make a poem that does not disturb 
the silence from which it came.” 

Wendell Berry

It’s time to practice returning to the breath.

Venus in Sagittarius


Today we can still connect with that raw heart space. The emotions can still feel exposed and squirmy in inhabiting these body forms.

Its an excellent day to set aside time to cherish yourself. To adorn you.

Stop and smell flowers. Take in their colors and scent.

Geranium, Joy, Rose, Jasmine essential oils come to mind.

Rose quartz, pink opal, quartz, blood stone.

A bath, a walk, time to journal, music that moves your heart, a sway in your body. Light a candle. Whatever you choose; do so with the deepest of sweetness for all the ways you are perfectly you. The more we can come back to source, the easier it will be to shoot towards all we are calling in.

In the Wake of the Eclipse

Place a bowl of sea salt under your bed. If you have a quartz crystal add it into the salt. The clearings that have been taking place have brought high and murky waters. The salt will catch and clear the old. The quartz crystal will need to be recharged in the full moon. Replace the salt once a week for the next two weeks. Making sure to dissolve the salt in water before offering it outdoors.

Holding the note of hope, joy and possibility:

Essential oils: geranium, jasmine, orange, bergamot, rose

Crystals to have near: rose quartz, selenite, citrine, clear quartz



“Selenite healing properties are all about activation and reaching higher planes. It is known for connecting to the third eye, crown, transpersonal and Etheric chakras. Through radiating light energy, it promotes purity and honesty. It forces the person holding it to be honest with themselves. By clearing energy blockages, selenite allows for liquid-like energy fluidity. It can align the chakras and raise awareness to a higher plane. “

As we approach the new year and the incoming (intense) energies. Selenite feels like it is an important tool in our tool box. This stone is liquid light working to heal, recalibrate, protect and cultivate the ways we are able to protect ourselves.

Grab yourself a piece and keep it on your alter or in your pocket tonight. If you don’t have selenite today; placing a bowl of salt out on your alter space can help to absorb any of the unexpected reactions released with Mars entering Aries.



“a property of matter by which it continues in its existing state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line, unless that state is changed by an external force.”

When the worry sets in and we are faced with decisions it can be easy to withdraw and trying to figure out what to do next. We can make a spin tail dive into anxiety; spiraling away from safety into all the ideas of what could bring us a state of safety.

Spend some moments connecting with the left side of the body from your toes to the tip of your head. Receptivity. Leaning into your passive and still self in this moment.

Gifting your presence of your spirit to yourself in all aspects. As the lion sits on the top of a hill. Commanding respect and space in just watching the unfolding. A silent observer.

Citrine. Aragonite. Red Jasper.

As the white dove moves through the sky so to can you carry peace forwards. Trust your wings.

Calcite. Quartz. Howlite.

Breaking Free

We are breaking free of old patterns. Things that have been locked in our systems for years, lifetimes, eons.

Time to do the big work of breaking free.

Grab a crystal (any that you may have except for selenite). Frankincense and/or sage would be great to have on hand or a white candle.

  1. Place the crystal into freezable container. Cover it with all of your trapped water emotions of the ways you have suffered, been let down, participated in your smallness, your spirit exhaustion. When you have poured the water (and tears) into the container- freeze the crystal.

  2. Full moon would be a great time to bring out the frozen crystal. Light your candle. Create your ritual space. Hold the frozen crystal over or near the candle flame. Allow your light to come and warm all of the places that were frozen in place. That were withheld in the coldness of being cut off.


Note from Aubrey:

In the midst of Chiron (Wounded Warrior) and the moon about to go into Pisces. The feels are big. Emotions high.

Grab a black or white candle.

Carve into one side NO and onto the other side HELP.

We are here to seek balance.

Do you need to practice saying No and putting down all the worries or is it your time to ask for help? For the next seven days sit with this practice turning to whatever side feels of the most importance in this moment, in this day.