Wednesday, 9/4/19

You evaluate what's in front of you.
You factor in all the known variables.
You check in with your inner knowing.
You make a decision and draw a line.

Then, you see what happens.

Can you be at peace with that?
Can you trust your ability to adjust, if necessary?
Can you let Life respond how it needs to?
Can you open up to possibilities you didn't see coming?

Sure you can.

xoxo - Susan

* Grand Trine Earth: Sun 11/Mars 11/Mercury 12 Virgo - Saturn Rx 14/South Node 15 Capricorn - Uranus Rx 6 Taurus 
* Moon 3rd Decan Scorpio 
* Mutable T-square: Sun 11/Mars 11/Mercury 17/Venus 17 Virgo oppose Neptune Rx 17 Pisces square Jupiter 15 Sagittarius
* Mystic Rectangle: Sun 11/Mars 11/Mercury 12/Venus 17 Virgo trine Saturn Rx 14/South Node 15 Capricorn sextile Neptune Rx 17 Pisces trine North Node 15 Cancer sextile Virgo Stellium