Monday, 9/2/19

If you're leading with 
Frustration, fear of the unknown, then
Stop for a second.

Take a deep breath.
Find your center.

You'll find the answer.
You'll act on it.
You'll solve the problem.

Just don't run yourself into a tailspin.
Be still if you need to.
Trust in the unfolding.

xoxo - Susan

* Grand Trine Earth: Sun 9/Mars 9/Venus 8/Mercury 15 Virgo - Saturn 15 Capricorn - Uranus Rx 6 Taurus 
* Moon VOC 3rd Decan Libra
* Mutable T-square: Venus 15 Virgo oppose Neptune Rx 17 Pisces square Jupiter 15 Sagittarius
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 16 Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 20/Saturn Rx 14/South Node 16 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 17 Pisces, respectively