Friday, 8/9/19

When you reach the point where
You believe in yourself in the still silence of
Not knowing how life is going to land,
Then you know you can hold that note no matter what.

Validation, faith, hope of possibility
Hasn't been externally apparent lately.
You've had to find them within.
It's isolating, but it makes you stronger.

The not knowing will lift.
For now, give yourself a whole lot of credit.
You've got your own back.
That's pretty incredible.

xoxo - Susan

* Sun 16/Venus 15 Leo trine Moon/Jupiter Rx 14 Sagittarius
* Yod: Saturn Rx 15/South Node 17 Capricorn sextile Neptune Rx 18 Pisces quincunx Sun 16/Venus 15 Leo
* Triangle of Potential: Mercury 27/North Node 17 Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 21/Saturn Rx 15/South Node 17 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 18 Pisces, respectively
* Jupiter Rx 14 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx 18 Pisces
* Mars 24 Leo