Tuesday, 8/27/19

Keep moving forward.
Stay focused on what you're trying to make land.
If you misstep, adjust and push through.

That's where you're going to believe in yourself the most.
You're going to let go of past disappointment and
Not let insecurity take over.

Being on your own side,
Even when you don't yet know how it's all going to shake out,
Is an active decision.

Self care.
Get up off the floor.
Keep moving forward.

^ Repeat.

xoxo - Susan

* Grand Trine Earth: Sun 4/Mars 6/Venus 7 Virgo - Saturn Rx 14 Capricorn - Uranus Rx 6 Taurus 
* Moon Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 20 Capricorn
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 16 Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 20/Saturn Rx 14/South Node 16 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 17 Pisces, respectively
* Jupiter 14 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx 17 Pisces
* Mercury 26 Leo