Friday, 8/16/19

You can have compassion for
Who or what was snuffing out your fire.

You can have self-compassion for
Your role in agreeing to participate.

You can understand the bigger lesson
Without running back to it.

Abandoning yourself in sacrifice
Isn't noble - it's self harm.

Be on your own side and
Trust that you know what's best for you.

xoxo - Susan

* Sun 23/Venus 24/Mars 29 Leo 
* Moon Pisces sextile Uranus Rx 6 Taurus
* Mercury 3 Leo trine Chiron Rx 5 Aries, square Uranus Rx 6 Taurus
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 17 Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 21/Saturn Rx 14/South Node 17 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 17 Pisces, respectively
* Jupiter 14 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx 18 Pisces