Wednesday, 7/3/19

* Between Eclipses *

You can fill the spaces between
With anxiety and worry 
With allowance of possibility.

You are in the hands of
Something bigger than you.

You can't see everything.
You don't know how 
People are going to show up or
Circumstances are going to work themselves out.

If you'll slow down and
Suspend yourself within the not-knowing,
Life will have more room to 
Show up how it needs to.

Your safety is in stillness.
Allow for what you didn't know you needed.

xoxo - Susan

* Sun 11 Cancer 
* Moon 3rd Decan Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 22 Capricorn
* Venus 0 Cancer sextile Uranus 5 Taurus, square Chiron 5 Aries
* Mars 1/Mercury 3 Leo square Uranus 5 Taurus, trine Chiron 5 Aries
* Jupiter Rx 16 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx 18 Pisces
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 17 Cancer oppose South Node 17/Saturn Rx 17 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 18 Pisces, respectively