Thursday, 7/18/19

* Exiting the Eclipse Window + 6 Retrogrades *

We are not out of the this cycle until July 31st.
The next two weeks will continue to be intense.

These Eclipses are saying,
"The world is shifting in a wide-sweeping, massive way. 
Here we go. You ready?"

Many people are responding with,

So, you need to get that way.
Where are you under suppression?

Is it in old rules/expectations/traditions?
Is it in your concept of success?
Is it in how you're hard on your body?
Is it in your rigid thinking?
Is it in trauma you haven't fully healed from?
Is it in The Story Of How Thought Things Would Be?

Be on your own side.
Be brave in your vulnerability and
Be willing to do what it takes to
Heal and keep moving forward -
Both, at the same time.

It's hard work.
It's exposing, raw work.
You can do it.
We're all in this together.

xoxo - SG