Wednesday, 7/17/19

* Exiting the Eclipse Window + 6 Retrogrades *

The evolve and heal upward
To what's meant for you,
You'll have to allow for a lot of falling away.

How You Thought Things Would Be -
It's not real.
It's a Story that's hard to let go of.

It's hard because 
You think the Story gives you control.
Really, though, it shuts down possibility.

Pull back and really consider:
Can you stay open to the Unfolding Unknown and
Trust that you are being guided?

Can you not go back to what hurts?
Can you mourn, if you have to, but
Remain steady in moving forward?

I think you can
Because you're on your own side;
Because you're brave in your heart-open vulnerability;
Because you deserve to thrive.

xoxo - Susan

* Triangle of Potential: Sun 24/Venus 17/North Node 17 Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 21/Saturn Rx 16/South Node 17 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 18 Pisces, respectively
* Fixed T-square: Moon Aquarius oppose Mercury Rx 1/Mars 9 Leo square Uranus 6 Taurus 
* Triangle of Potential: Moon Aquarius oppose Mercury Rx 1/Mars 9 Leo sextile/trine Chiron Rx 5 Aries, respectively
* Grand Trine Fire: Jupiter Rx 15 Sagittarius - Chiron Rx 5 Aries - Mars 9 Leo 
* Jupiter Rx 15 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx 18 Pisces