Thursday, 6/27/19

If it's not 
Contributing to your healing,
Bringing you joy, or
Liberating you into sovereignty, then
It's not worth your time.

We don't love through martyrdom anymore.
We don't lower ourselves to capitulate.
We don't play it small in order to be loved.
Take yourself off of the sacrificial alter.
You are free.

xoxo - Susan

* Sun 5 Cancer sextile Moon/Uranus 5 Taurus, square Chiron 5 Aries
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 17 Cancer oppose South Node 17/Saturn Rx 18 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune Rx 18 Pisces, respectively
* Mutable T-square: Jupiter Rx 17 Sagittarius oppose Venus 22 Gemini square Neptune Rx 18 Pisces
* Mercury 0 Leo square Moon/Uranus 5 Taurus, trine Chiron 5 Aries
* Pluto Rx 22 Capricorn oppose Mars 27 Cancer