Monday, 5/6/19

Just because you didn't see it coming
Doesn't mean it can't or shouldn't happen.

Life meets us halfway.
It shows up how it needs to.

There's a lot of mourning involved
When you walk away from what has hurt you.

There's a lot of brave vulnerability involved
When you open up to the incoming new.

You'll have to hold your self worth
Past the point you think makes sense.

You'll have to hold the note of
Unlimited possibilities.

Don't play against yourself.
Be on your own side.

- Susan

* Sun 15 Taurus sextile Neptune 18 Pisces
* Chiron 4 Aries semisextile Mercury 0/Uranus 3 Taurus, sextile Moon Gemini
* Mutable T-square: Mars 23 Gemini oppose Jupiter Rx 23 Sagittarius square Neptune 18 Pisces
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 19 Cancer oppose South Node 19/Saturn Rx 20/Pluto Rx 23 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune 18 Pisces, respectively