Thursday, 4/25/19

The energy is cold and heavy.
Try not to flail in order to gain control.
Don't beat yourself up in the not knowing.

You'll need to hold your self worth very high and
Remain open to possibility within the unfolding.
The falling away is happening how it needs to.

Stillness and excessive self care -
You can't get too much of it.
Know that you can heal as you go.

- Susan

* Sun 4/Uranus 2 Taurus semisextile Venus 11/Mercury 6/Chiron 3 Aries
* Moon crossing Saturn 20/South Node 20/Pluto Rx 23 Capricorn
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 20 Cancer oppose Moon/Saturn 20/South Node 20/Pluto Rx 23 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune 17 Pisces, respectively
* Mars 16 Gemini square Neptune 17 Pisces
* Jupiter Rx 24/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius