Wednesday, 4/24/19

You do not have control of other people.
You do not have control over how Life is going to land.
You do not have control about what's collapsing.
You have control over you and you.

How you feel, how you heal, how you grow -
The impact your actions have on the world around you -
Where your boundaries lie -
These are in the domain of your self agency.

Believe in yourself.
Take responsibility for yourself.
Let everything - and everyone -
Play out how it wants to.

- Susan

* Sun 4/Uranus 2 Taurus semisextile Venus 10/Mercury 4/Chiron 3 Aries
* Moon Capricorn square Mercury 10 Aries
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 20 Cancer oppose Pluto Rx 23/South Node 20/Saturn 20 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune 17 Pisces, respectively
* Mars 16 Gemini square Neptune 17 Pisces
* Jupiter Rx 24/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius