Tuesday, 4/23/19

Healing how we've hurt ourselves and each other;
Remaining open to hope and possibility;
Leaning into brave vulnerability -
Why would you do all of that?

It's because you deserve 
To receive the best that live has to offer.
You get to create new worlds and
Have experiences that are fulfilling.

When the unexpected shows up,
You need to be able to meet it without
Distress and disappointment from the past.
You need to be able to leap.

Focus on your recovery from old hurts.
It's important.
You are entirely worth of
Every single effort it takes.

- Susan

* Sun 3/Uranus 2 Taurus semisextile Venus 3/Chiron 3/Mercury 8 Aries
* Moon crossing Jupiter Rx 24/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius 
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 20 Cancer oppose Pluto 23/South Node 20/Saturn 20 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune 17 Pisces, respectively
* Mars 15 Gemini square Neptune 17 Pisces