Monday, 4/22/19

A battle of the mind 
Puts a cap on possibility.

You can lead with anxiety and fear or
You can lead with trust and allowance.

To participate in creating new worlds,
You will have to raise your self worth 
Past what you've been told makes sense.

To participate in evolving Life upward,
You will have to be brave in your vulnerability
While taking a chance in the Unfolding Unknown.

All wounds are healable.
Know that you are being guided.

- Susan

* Sun 2/Uranus 2 Taurus semisextile Venus 2/Chiron 3/Mercury 7 Aries
* Mutable T-square: Moon/Jupiter Rx 24 Sagittarius oppose Mars 14 Gemini square Neptune 17 Pisces
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 20 Cancer oppose Pluto 23/South Node 20/Saturn 20 Capricorn trine/sextile Neptune 17 Pisces, respectively