Tuesday, 3/26/19

Let transcendent knowing take over.
Let self mercy be the default.
Let openness to the incoming New
Curb our doubts.

There's no room here for your disappointment.
The healing on offer,
The emerging Life that's calling for you,
Needs your willingness to try again.

Life will meet you at the meeting place -
In the spaces between what you think you already know.

- Susan

* Sun 4/Chiron 2 Aries
* Moon 2nd Decan Sagittarius square Mercury Rx 16/Neptune 16 Pisces 
* Triangle of Potential: North Node 23 Cancer oppose South Node 23/Pluto 22/Saturn 19 Capricorn sextile/trine Mars 26 Taurus, respectively
* Venus shifting from Aquarius to Pisces sextile Uranus 1 Taurus
* Mercury Rx 16/Neptune 16 Pisces sextile Saturn 19 Capricorn
* Chiron 2 Aries semisextile Uranus 1 Taurus