Wednesday, 3/20/19

You are not in control of everything.

Rather than worry, 
Lean into presence.
Over abandoning faith, 
You can choose to keep hope alive.

Life is unfolding how it needs to.
Keep showing up and
Trust that you are being guided 
To where and with whom you need to be.

No flailing out of vulnerability.
Just keep trying your best
To put on foot in front of the other.
You are needed in the world.

- Susan

* Grand Trine Earth: Mars 22 Taurus - Saturn 19/Pluto 22/South Node 24 Capricorn - Moon 3rd Decan Virgo with Kites to North Node 24 Cancer and Sun 29/Mercury Rx 19 Pisces
* Venus 22/Black Moon Lilith 25 Aquarius square Mars 22 Taurus
* Chiron 1 Aries semisextile Uranus 0 Taurus
* Jupiter 23/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius square Sun 29 Pisces