Thursday, 3/14/19

Suffering is coming up to be cleared out.
Anything that hurts is trying to end.
What will not stand the test of time is falling away.

It's for a reason.

Possibilities past what you've known so far,
The building of new worlds,
Healing how we've hurt ourselves, each other, & the planet

Are all trying to come in.

If we want to receive and participate in them,
We have to meet them clean, 
With presence that isn't debilitated with old stories.

That's something you get on board with, right?

- Susan

* Minor Grand Trine: Mars 18 Taurus trine Saturn 18 Capricorn sextile Sun 23/Mercury Rx 24 Pisces
* Mutable T-square: Moon Gemini oppose Jupiter 23/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius square Sun 23/Mercury Rx 24 Pisces
* Venus 15 Aquarius square Mars 18 Taurus
* Triangle of Potential: South Node 24/Pluto 22 Capricorn oppose North Node 24 Cancer sextile/trine Sun 23/Mercury Rx 24 Pisces, respectively
* Chiron 1 Aries semisextile Uranus 9 Taurus
* Saturn 18 Capricorn sextile Neptune 16 Pisces