Thursday, 3/7/19

What if your surrender meant
Dropping everything that has ever happened to you before?

You probably couldn't drop it suddenly.
You'd need to treat it with patience and compassion
In order to fully heal.

And then, on the other side of what you've known so far,
Who would you be, then?

Would you be kind?
Would you be at peace?
Would you recognize and acknowledge every single breath?

- Susan

* Minor Grand Trine: Mars 14 Taurus trine Saturn 18 Capricorn sextile Sun 16/Neptune 16 Pisces 
* Jupiter 22/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius square Mercury Rx 29/Moon Pisces
* Venus 7 Aquarius sextile Chiron 0 Aries, square Uranus 0 Taurus
* Triangle of Potential: South Node 25/Pluto 22 Capricorn oppose North Node 25 Cancer sextile/trine Mercury Rx 29 Pisces, respectively