Friday, 1/22/19

Something may have to end,
You might have to walk away,
For peace to be restored.

You might have to put your full faith in
The Greater Force of Life and
Leap into the Unknown.

The Unfolding New,
Everything that has always been meant for you,
May be on the other side of what you've known so far.

Stand tall and have your own back.
Be brave in your vulnerability.
You are being guided.

- Susan

* Sun 3 Pisces sextile Mars 5 Taurus
* Moon Libra sextile Jupiter 21 Sagittarius, square Saturn 17/Venus 21/Pluto 22 Capricorn
* T-square: South Node 26/Pluto 22/Venus 21 Capricorn oppose North Node 26 Cancer square Uranus 29 Aries
* Mercury 20/Neptune 15 Pisces sextile South Node 26/Pluto 22/Venus 21 Capricorn, square Jupiter 21 Sagittarius
* Jupiter 21 Sagittarius trine Uranus 29 Aries
* Chiron 0 Aries