Monday, 1/18/19

What are you going to do with yourself?
I mean, if you were to step outside of
Drowning in the Story of Your Brokenness,
Then what?

There's repair work to be done in
How we've hurt ourselves and each other.
There are new worlds to create.
We are still finding ourselves and each other.

So, be brave, stand tall.
Know that where and with whom you belong -
You need it and it needs you.
Know that you are guided.

- Susan

* Sun 29 Aquarius sextile Uranus 29 Aries
* Yod: Mercury 14/Neptune 15 Pisces sextile Saturn 16/Venus 17 Capricorn quincunx Moon Leo 
* T-square: South Node 26/Pluto 22 Capricorn oppose North Node 26 Cancer square Uranus 29 Aries
* Jupiter 20 Sagittarius trine Uranus 29 Aries
* Chiron 0 Aries
* Mars 2 Taurus