Friday, 1/4/19

Any jolts to your everyday life,
Any aches from the past,
Any worries or fears in your vulnerability
Can be met with bravery and
Decisions that point you in the direction of healing.

Sometimes, the energy has to shake us up
To force us to pay attention.
Sometimes, when we refuse to listen,
We get course corrected out of nowhere.

Life is in your favor.
Meet it with allowance and reverence.
Be willing to pivot hard into a new direction.
All wounds are healable.

- Susan

* Sun 14 Capricorn sextile Neptune 14 Pisces
* Moon First Decan Capricorn/Mercury 29 Sagittarius/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius square Chiron 28 Pisces/Mars 2 Aries, trine Uranus Rx 28 Aries
* Grand Trine Water: Venus 27 Scorpio - Chiron 28 Pisces - North Node 26 Cancer
* Cardinal T-square: South Node 26/Pluto 20 Capricorn oppose North Node 26 Cancer square Uranus Rx 28 Aries 
* Jupiter 12 Sagittarius square Neptune 14 Pisces