Monday, 12/3/18

* Lead in to New Moon 15 Sagittarius
Friday, 12/7, 2:20 am EDT *

Your head, your heart, your ego -
They're all being prepared for a leap into
Possibility, liberation, a New Day.

The Story of Your Brokenness:
You can let it end.
You don't have to live there anymore.

You can begin again.
You can heal yourself up to 
What has always been meant for you.

Life is doing its part in orchestrating the bigger picture.
Your job is to meet it halfway by
Clearing out everything that keeps you small.

All the baggage of what happened,
You can leave it right where you're standing.
You won't need it where you're going.

- Susan

* Sun 11/Jupiter 5 Sagittarius square Mars 11/Neptune 13 Pisces 
* Cardinal Cross: Moon at Libra-Scorpio cusp/Venus 0 Scorpio oppose Uranus Rx 29 Aries square North Node 27 Cancer oppose South Node 27 Aquarius
* Grand Trine Water: Mercury Rx 28 Scorpio - Chiron Rx 27 Pisces - North Node 28 Cancer