Monday, 12/17/18

The beliefs you hold dictate the world you live in.

Do you believe you can leave the past behind?
Do you believe you can heal?
Do you believe you can open up to possibility?
Do you believe Life is holding you, guiding you?

You can be brave and lead with Yes.
It's safe to do so.

- Susan

**The holidays can be challenging. Make sure you're taking 
care of yourself.**

* Sun 25/Galactic Center 27 Sagittarius Moon/Uranus Rx 28 Aries, square Mars 20/Chiron 27 Pisces 
* Cardinal T-square: South Node 27 Capricorn oppose North Node 27 Cancer square Moon/Uranus Rx 28 Aries 
* Minor Grand Trine: Venus 10 Scorpio trine Neptune 13 Pisces sextile Saturn 9 Capricorn
* Chiron 27 Pisces trine North Node 27 Cancer 
* Jupiter 8/Mercury 4 Sagittarius square Neptune 13 Pisces