Monday, 12/10/18

Facing of uncomfortable truths,
Healing out of the Story of Your Brokenness, 
Excessive self care -

It's a lot of feels.
Rather than flailing and drowning in them,

You can reach for 
Inspiration, hope, possibility.

You can be relentless in
Putting one foot in front of the other
Towards a New Day.

You can be so determined,
No one could possibly talk you out of it.

Because Life is calling you forward.
You're not asking for permission.

- Susan

**The holidays can be challenging. Make sure you're taking care of yourself.**

* Sun 18 Sagittarius square Mars 15/Neptune 13 Pisces 
* Cardinal T-square: Moon/South Node 27 Capricorn oppose North Node 27 Cancer square Uranus Rx 28 Aries 
* Grand Trine Water: Mercury 28 Scorpio - Chiron 27 Pisces - North Node 27 Cancer with a Kite to Moon/South Node 27 Capricorn
* Venus 5 Scorpio sextile Saturn 8 Capricorn