Wednesday, 11/7/18

* New Moon 15 Scorpio @ 11:02 am EDT*

You decide where your boundaries are drawn
Based on how you feel.

Where and with whom you feel comfortable,
You're good.

Where and with whom you do not,
Back up.

You are protecting your brave vulnerability
So that you can stand tall and remain open.

You are not asking for permission.

- Susan

* Sun/Moon 15 Scorpio trine Neptune Rx 13 Pisces, square Pluto 19 Capricorn
* Grand Trine Water: Jupiter 29 Scorpio - North Node 29 Cancer - Chiron Rx 28 Pisces
* Cardinal Grand Cross: North Node 29 Leo oppose South Node 29 Aquarius square Uranus Rx 29 Aries oppose Venus Rx 26 Libra