Tuesday, 11/6/18

You do not want to get caught 
In the crosshairs of this energy.
It's sensitive to the point of reactionary.
It's aggressive and rogue.

Something will likely pop.
Stay out of the way.
Go vote (U.S.ers) and then
Go home, if you can - for sure after work.


- Susan

* Uranus Rx squaring the Nodes 12:58 pm EDT (all change signs to their anaretic degrees within 1 hour: North Node 29 Cancer/South Node 29 Capricorn 12:58 pm EDT, then Uranus Rx 29 Aries 1:58 pm EDT
* Grand Cross Cardinal: North Node 29 Cancer oppose South Node 29 Capricorn square Venus Rx 27 Libra oppose Uranus Rx 29 Aries
* Jupiter at anaretic (29) degree trine Chiron Rx 29 Pisces