Friday, 11/30/18

Look at it from a practical standpoint:

If you keep hanging on to what hurts,
How can you heal?
How can you grow?
How can you allow the incoming new?
How can you move on?

You can't.

Healing is on approach.
It will require you to look at all of the truth and
Be willing to let go of what's holding you down.
Maybe for right now,
You can just consider that would make sense for your Life.

- Susan

**The holidays can be challenging. Make sure you're taking care of yourself.**

* Grand Trine: Sun 8/Jupiter 4/Mercury Rx 0 Sagittarius - Chiron Rx 27 Pisces - North Node 28 Cancer
* Moon Virgo trine Pluto 19 Capricorn, oppose Neptune 13 Pisces
* Cardinal Grand Cross: North Node 28 Cancer oppose South Node 28 Capricorn square Uranus Rx 29 Aries oppose Venus 28 Libra