Friday, 11/23/18

Something will have to shift 
For you to open up to possibility.

You won't be able to figure all of it out.
Life is going to show up how it wants to.

Your job is to pivot your mind
From insecurity to allowance.

Some things holding you back may have to end.
Old hurts may need your care.
But it's in order to clear the space for incoming New.

Open up your thinking, even if you can't figure out 
How it's all going to land.

xoxo - SG

**The holidays can be challenging. Make sure you're taking care of yourself.**

* Grand Trine: Sun 1/Jupiter 3 Sagittarius - Chiron Rx 28 Pisces - North Node 28 Cancer
* Sun 1/Jupiter 3 Sagittarius square Mars 4 Pisces
* Mutable T-square: Moon Gemini oppose Mercury Rx 9 Sagittarius square Neptune Rx 13 Pisces
* Cardinal Grand Cross: North Node 28 Cancer oppose South Node 28 Capricorn square Uranus Rx 29 Aries oppose Venus 26 Libra
* Mars 4 Pisces sextile Saturn 7 Capricorn