Friday, 11/2/18

Wrong's can be turned into rights.
You can pick yourself back up and
Reach for a life that's more in alignment with
What you truly want for yourself.

This human life of yours,
It's finite.
You won't be in this incarnation forever.
How do you want to spend your time?

You can heal what hurts.
There is new potential for peace in every breath.
Just be honest with yourself about 
Where you are and what needs to be fixed.

- Susan

* Grand Trine Earth: Moon Virgo - Saturn 5 Capricorn - Uranus Rx 0 Taurus with a Kite to Sun 10 Scorpio 
* Grand Trine: Mercury 3 Sagittarius/Jupiter 28 Scorpio - Chiron Rx 28 Pisces - North Node 0 Leo 
* Grand Cross: Uranus Rx 0 Taurus oppose Venus Rx 28 Libra square North Node 0 Leo oppose South Node 0 Aquarius
* Mars 22 Aquarius square Jupiter 29 Scorpio, trine Venus Rx 28 Libra