Wednesday, 10/3/18

Lead in to Venus Rx 10 Scorpio 
Friday, October 5, 3:05 pm

We're under an intense sky that will keep cranking up.
Masculine and Feminine are coming to a head.
The Feminine may feel abandoned and dropped, intensely so.
The Masculine may detach and run in the opposite direction.

As best you can, try to get ahead of this energy now.
Love yourself in the healing of what hurts.
People can abandon all they want.
Just don't abandon yourself.

Try to get still and let all the feels happen.
The people who are truly meant to love you
Will love you there.
You are worthy, exactly where you are.

- SG

* Sun 10 Libra trine Mars 7/Black Moon Lilith 6/South Node 3 Aquarius
* Grand Trine Water: Moon 3rd Decan Cancer - Jupiter 22 Scorpio - Chiron Rx 29 Pisces
* Fixed Grand Cross: North Node 3 Leo oppose Mars 7/Black Moon Lilith 6/South Node 3 Aquarius square Venus 10 Scorpio oppose Uranus Rx 1 Taurus