Wednesday, 10/10/18

When the Truth comes up to the surface,
Be open and allow it to speak to you.

I'm listening. Tell me more.
^ Like that.

This Truth is likely to be
Something you haven't wanted to look at.
Trust yourself in letting it in.

It may be uncomfortable,
But there's a gift here for you.
This is not meant to be a fight.

I'm listening. Tell me more.

- SG

* Sun 17 Libra square Pluto 18 Capricorn
* Fixed Grand Cross: Moon/Venus Rx 10/Mercury 0 Scorpio oppose Uranus Rx 1 Taurus square South Node 3/Black Moon Lilith 7/Mars 10 Aquarius oppose North Node 2 Leo 
* Jupiter 23 Scorpio trine Chiron Rx 29 Pisces