Tuesday, 10/16/18

You being expected to put yourself last,
The control over what happens in your life
Being hijacked by someone/something else,
Your feelings not mattering -

None of that is fair.

If things are lovely and accommodating to
Everyone except you,
You get to decide
That is simply not going to work.

Want more for yourself.

- SG

* Sun 23 Libra square Moon/Pluto 18 Capricorn
* Fixed Grand Cross: Venus Rx 8/Mercury 10 Scorpio oppose Uranus Rx 0 Taurus square North Node 2 Leo oppose South Node 2/Black Moon Lilith 7 Aquarius
* Venus Rx 8/Mercury 10 Scorpio square Mars 12 Aquarius
* Minor Grand Trine: Venus Rx 8/Mercury 10 Scorpio trine Neptune Rx 14 Pisces sextile Saturn 3/Pluto 18/Moon Capricorn
* Jupiter 25 Scorpio trine Chiron Rx 29 Pisces